Qualification level of foreign language teacher at elementary school in germany
International University of Economics- and Humanities named after academician Stepan Demianchuk
Data publikacji: 30-09-2014
JoMS 2014;22(3):167-184
The article is focusing on the required qualification level of the foreign languages teachers in elementary school and on the finding of the best ways to improve the qualification to the high level. On the example of the Federal Republic of Germany are distinguished the basic competencies of a teacher, who is working in the field of foreign language education at primary level. Among the main competences are allocated the professional excellence, personal teacher’s interest, and the correlation to a child as to a serious person. The research also deals with the special aspects of the teacher’s personality as necessary factors for the educational success in the early foreign language learning process. The article analyzes the Germany’s experience of the distance development of competences for foreign languages teachers through the participation in a remote training program “Didactic of Early Foreign Languages Learning”. The Question of the necessary foreign language teacher qualification at primary schools and of the teachers participation in the program”E-Lingo” are discussed in historical and didactic retrospective of educational process organization in Germany.
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