Increasing of employment of long-term unemployed in material distress in the context of EUROPE 2020 Strategy
Univerzita Mateja Bela Slovak Republic
Data publikacji: 30-09-2015
JoMS 2015;26(3):397-410
Finding solution of unemployment and poverty is one of the most important challenges of social policy in the European Union today. Th e existence of a global labor market emphasizes the need for adoption of such measures, which are accepted and implemented in the wider socio-economic units, such as eg. European Union. Th e indicator of longterm unemployment and material hardship in the context of its possible solutions are mainly data on the number and structure of long-term unemployed job seekers who are in material need, the developments in this segment of the labor market and the measures that these applicants to solutions to their social situation may be used. In the Contribution We characterize poverty and unemployment to functionally link the defi nition of social events and existing social interventions. We also focus on legislative conceptualization process aspects of the application of social interventions to solving poverty and unemployment. At the end of the Contribution we point out possible solutions to long-term unemployment within the context of Europe 2020 strategy
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