Usługi edukacyjne – misja czy komercja?
Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi w Józefowie
Data publikacji: 31-03-2015
JoMS 2015;24(1):333-347
The perception of education as a service is a relatively new phenomenon. On the educational services market there appear all the same basic elements: supply (number of educational institutions and their „processing capacity” as well as their off er) and demand (quantitative and qualitative demand for educational services) which is determined i.e. by the population demographic structure, the level of wealth of the society, the level of aspirations of parents and their children. Is it therefore possible to use without any restrictions common marketing methods with respect to education? Can it be treated as other services? The answers to the above questions are not simple mainly because of the specifi c character of this market of services, which is at the same time very diff erent. It gives the result aft er many years and it „shapes” the human being starting from a very young age, which has a huge impact on the society as a whole.
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