The importance of grains transport in Poland
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Submission date: 2020-07-23
Final revision date: 2020-12-19
Acceptance date: 2020-12-21
Publication date: 2021-01-18
Corresponding author
Tomasz Rokicki   

JoMS 2020;45(2):183-199
Grains transport is an activity that requires many procedures that affect the quality of the raw material being transported. Grains are transported by road, sea and rail. They are the subject of exchange on a local, national and international scale, being an important raw material for food processing. The main purpose of the study was to present the importance of grains transport in Poland in total transport.

Material and methods:
Pearson's linear correlation was used for the analysis. The following methods were used for the analysis and presentation of materials: descriptive, tabular, graphic, dynamics indicators with a fixed and variable basis, Pearson's linear correlation coefficient, coefficient of variation.

The largest volume of grains was transported by road, then by sea and rail. However, the most important in a given branch were grains in maritime transport (from 3 to 9% of total transport in this branch), then in road (1-2%) and rail. In the years 2007-2018, the volume of grain transported by road and rail increased the fastest, the level of transport by sea was maintained.

The importance of ports in Gdynia and Świnoujście was systematically increasing, while the others were decreasing. There was a strong linear relationship between the volume of grain transported by road, rail and in total, and the economic situation in Poland.

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