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The scientific journal Journal of Modern Science contains studies covering the exchange of knowledge and experience on new phenomena in the field of humanities and social sciences. Such phenomena are those which have recently appeared or which are subject to constant transformations caused by global or local changes, especially in the area of education, organization of social management processes, security and culture. This forces a permanent analysis of the impact of these changes on people, society and the modern world.

The journal publishes original research papers as well as reports from conferences and seminars and reviews of scientific publications in Polish, English.

On the basis of the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education and Science (communication of January 5, 2024), scientific articles published in the Journal of Modern Science are awarded with 100 points for the authors' scientific achievements.
Assigned disciplines of science: philosophy, cultural sciences and religion.

Journal of Modern Science been published since 2005.

All articles are published with an abstract in English in a printed version as well as they are available free of charge in full on the journal's website www.jomswsge.com
Before publication, all articles are checked for plagiarism plagiat.pl a review process (two "blind reviews") and then go through, which is related to the adaptation to the requirements of the Web of Science and Scopus databases.

Our journal has been placed by the National Agency for the Evaluation of Universities and Research Institutes in Italy (ANVUR) on the Italian journal list (11.10.2021).
We are pleased to announce that the Journal of Modern Science has been included in the MIAR -Information Matrix for Journal Analysis database (LINK), which in Spain is used to analyze the quality of journals. The inclusion of a journal in the MIAR database is considered in Spain as an indicator of a journal's scientific profile.

Publisher: WSGE University of Applied Sciences in Józefów, Poland

Once published, each publication is submitted to the National Library Repository.

The original version of the magazine is a digital version.

ISSN: 1734-2031
eISSN: 2391-789X
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