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Abiding by the requirements of good academic practice and aware of the scientific community’s social responsibility, Journal of Modern Science requires all authors, reviewers and editors to follow its ethics policy throughout the entire editorial process.
The journal's publication process follows the guidelines of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Articles which do not comply with these rules will be returned for correction already in the first phase of editorial work (before the review).

When submitting an article for publication in the Journal of Modern Science, the author is obliged to pay the fee within 7 days from the date of placing it in the system. The payment should be done to the publisher's account available on – the journal's website – Contact
Until the receipt of payment is confirmed, no publication activities will be undertaken. Failure to confirm the payment will result in the withdrawal of the work.

  1. The fee for the publication of the article is 235,00 EUR. (published in issues from 3/2024 onwards).
    If an article is rejected/withdrawn from the publication process, the fee is refunded in full (decision of the Editorial Board of 26.09.2023).

  2. The article should be sent to: . Articles cannot be sent to the editorial office of the Journal of Modern Science in any other form, it mans: neither by traditional mail nor by e-mail.

  3. The received article is subject to an internal review of formal and substantive issues. The copyright statement must be handwritten by all creators of the work, and the License Agreement must include the handwritten signature of at least one author. Any deficiencies in the documentation as well as non-compliance with the requirements of the journal will result in the work being sent back to the corresponding author for supplementation/correction.

  4. Each new work is verified by a professional anti-plagiarism system. High probability of plagiarism may cause the work to be withdrawn ( – WP1 > 50%, WP2 > 5%).

  5. Positive reviews determine the publication of an article in a particular issue. In the case of a large number of articles in a particular issue, the editors reserve the right to transfer the manuscript to next issues. The date of its entry in the system is an additional criterion determining the selection of a text for publication.

  6. The editors reserve the right to reject the texts and to make corrections to the accepted works.

  7. The final decision on acceptance of the work for publication, the acceptance of publication after making correction or in the case of comments as well as the decision of rejection of the work is not subject to appeal.

  8. If it is required to correct the work, the Author is obliged to make the correction in accordance with the reviewers' suggestions and to take into account any editorial comments.

  9. During the correction, the Author may not make the changes which exceed 3% of the volume of the manuscript, unless these changes have been consulted with the editors. Changes involving, among others, adding new paragraphs to the text or replacing them with new paragraphs of the text are allowed only with the consent of the editors.

  10. After making the correction, the Author is obliged to post the corrected version of the article in the Editorial system within the prescribed period.

  11. If, after two requests, the Author fails to make corrections or violates any point of this Instruction, the work will be returned to the author.

  12. The author is responsible for the technical quality (in accordance with this manual), style and grammatical correctness of the submitted text.

  13. One author's publication per year (one co-authorship per year are allowed).

  14. The author is solely responsible for the accuracy of information, opinions and statements contained in the published materials. The editors of the Journal of Modern Science are not responsible for the consequences of any inaccuracies.

  15. The author submitting multi-author material bears the main responsibility for the published work. It is his or her duty to disclose the contribution of individual authors to the creation of the publication. All cooperating authors are obliged to submit a written declaration on the reliability of the disclosed contribution of individual authors, in which they confirm (with a handwritten signature) that, to the best of their knowledge, the publication, in a reliable and truthful manner, marked the contribution of co-authors.

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