The prospect of shale gas extraction on Polish territory on the basis of the practice of European countries and USA
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Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi w Józefowie
Publication date: 2014-03-31
JoMS 2014;20(1):347-369
Growing demand for the gas, and the depletion of conventional gas resources have contributed to the growing interest in unconventional gas, and the rapid development of modern technology has allowed access to such resources of gas, which was once a mining unprofitable. In the United States shale gas sector boomed, leading to an extremely profound changes taking place in the energy market . At the beginning of the twenty-first century gas from shale accounted for only one percent of the supply of gas, its share is now almost twenty percent and still growing. Many experts on the topic analyzed claims that shale boom may be on Polish territory, where, according to preliminary analyzes can be about 30% of European shale deposits. Polish government recognizes the extraction of gas from shale as a unique chance to boost the economy and increase the level of Polish energy security. Strategic decisions in this regard must, however, be preceded by performing accurate analyzes in terms of benefits and costs. Start the extraction of shale on a commercial scale requires, inter alia, the availability of adequate for this purpose land for drilling, significant water resources and energy that are necessary to conduct this kind of work, availability of infrastructure that will enable transportation of extracted raw materials, as well as the appropriate market outlets.
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