Safety and security of consumption products
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Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi w Józefowie
Publication date: 2015-03-31
JoMS 2015;24(1):371-392
The aim of this article is to present the issues related to the safety some selected the consumer products. Th e author focused on the three important issues: the food safety and nutrition , the citizen health security and the environmental safety. Presented considerations are also related to the security and threats of the consumption and some actions taken due to prevent and eliminate of any risks. Mentioned the norms, standards and certifi cations are necessary for the planning, implementation and updating of the management system aimed at ensuring food security and nutrition. There are highlighted the main principles and requirements which are necessary to undertake the projects and improve about the people health and health care. The whole discussion was supported by the presentation of the EU and Polish legislation governing the safety of the consumer products . Some attention has been paid to the basic principles concerning the safety of the consumers and consumption, which is mentioned in Article 191 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. Th is is “the principle of the precautionary”, which enables rapid response to the possible risk for the food, health and environment.
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