Actual safety of the youngest road users at pedestrian crossings
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Data nadesłania: 09-01-2024
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Data akceptacji: 29-04-2024
Data publikacji: 27-06-2024
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JoMS 2024;56(2):609-624
The article analyses the impact of legal regulations increasing pedestrian rights at crossings (introduced in the amended Road Traffic Law on June 1, 2021) on the actual safety of the youngest road users at pedestrian crossings. In accordance with the law, the scope of the pedestrian protection in the area of pedestrian crossings was increased. It was happened mainly because of imposing additional obligations on the vehicle driver.

Material and methods:
In our study we used the method of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content contained in scientific publications, programs and reports, normative acts related to the thematic area and statistical data. Police statistical data for the last quarter of 2023 collected in the Accident and Collision Registration System (SEWIK in Polish) were of particular importance for us.

It might seem that over time, drivers will get used to the new regulations, and pedestrians, the youngest ones, will enter into some kind of synergy with them. The presented data show that the number of children aged 7-16 involved in road accidents at pedestrian crossings has significantly increased. The number of injured children has also increased.

We proved that the changes to the road traffic law introduced on June 1, 2021 (increasing the scope of pedestrian protection in the pedestrian crossing area by imposing additional obligations on the vehicle driver) have not had the expected (positive) impact on the actual safety of the youngest road users using pedestrian crossings. At the same time, the opposite tendency was demonstrated, i.e. the changing safety of the youngest people at pedestrian crossings, unfortunately with a downward trend.

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