Human capital as a determinant of the organizational safety
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Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej w Józefowie
Publication date: 2015-09-30
JoMS 2015;26(3):47-60
In the 21st century the most important need for both, the state and the organizations, is to ensure the security – providing conditions for the constant development of the organization and its proper operation. Knowledge, related to security issues, is necessary during the process of globalization and ever changing environment, resulting in an increase of the risk level in all areas of action, both at the micro and macro levels. Th e issue of safety management in organizations is particularly important because of the human resources strategy. Human resources are vital to the organization. Eff ort of the employees creates opportunities for the development of the company. Th eir eff ectiveness depends on a strategy and adaptation to the existing conditions. Th e importance of proper design and use of human resources, and above all their intellectual potential, is conducive to the eff ective operation of the company in a competitive market. Development of the organization is closely linked to the development of employees. One of the elements, having positive impact on eff ective implementation of the organizational plans, is to satisfy employees needs and expectations also in terms of security. It seems reasonable to respect the needs of staff , refl ected in the goals of the organization. Th is is the eff ect of Polish accession to the EU, which involves the need to respect the principles of the Community law.
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