Synthesis of theory and practice in andragogue training
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Klaipėda University Continuing Studies Institute Dept. of Andragogy
Publication date: 2015-06-30
JoMS 2015;25(2):369-394
The article analyses opportunities and possibilities for synthesis of theory and practice in training of andragogues for vocational activity. These opportunities disclose themselves in vocational practice of students, studying in the programme of Andragogy. The modern approach to relationship of theory and practice in studies supposes their unity, though coming into confl ict in the study process sometimes. It is to be emphasized that theoretical and practical training remains to be the components of an integral process. They are linked into the aggregate of different and complementing experiences, which becomes evident in the process of practice. It is the refl ective study model, successfully employed in vocational practice that creates conditions for application of available theoretical knowledge and practical skills in specifi c working situations, gaining of abilities and experience that are necessary for future vocational activity. The accomplished empiric research showed the students’ approach to the unity of theory and practice in vocational activity. It also gives evaluation to the expedience of practice for the future vocational activity of andragogues. In the process of practice the respondents disclosed diff erent aspects in employment of theoretical and practical knowledge in practical situations. The research also highlighted the merits and demerits of vocational practice in the process of andragogic studies, which enables the department of Andragogy to check once again the quality of implemented studies, to make corrections in the study programme and take it closer to demands of the changing situation. Theoretical and empiric analysis enabled to ground opportunities and possibilities for the synthesis of theory and practice in the process of studies and training of andragogues for practical activity.
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