About the Journal

The quarterly "Journal of Modern Science" (ISSN 1734-2031), contains the study materials involving the exchange of knowledge and experience about the new phenomena in the field of humanities and social sciences. Such phenomena are those which are recently present or which are the subject to constant modifications due to the global or local changes, especially in the area of education, organization of the society management processes, security and culture. This forces the permanent analysis of the effects of these changes for human society and the modern world.

The journal publishes articles in the following languages: Polish, English, French, Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian or Italian, as well as the conference and seminars reports and the reviews of scientific publications.

The Polish and international experts in the fields of philosophy, cultural studies, pedagogy, political science, psychology, sociology, economics, legal science, international relations, the security and defence science are the authors.

Based on the decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Poland (the Communication of 23rd December, 2015), the publication of scientific articles in the pages of the quarterly "Journal of Modern Science" is awarded with the 9 points (out of possible 15, according to the Polish journals scoring system) to the scientific achievements of the authors. The journal has been published since 2005 and since 2010 as a quarterly (4 issues a year).

All articles are published with an abstract (summery) in English in hard copy as well as they are available free of charge in full version on the journal website www.jomswsge.com. Before being published, all articles are reviewed.

Journal of Modern Science is Open Access magazine licensed by CC-BY-SA.